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Student Testimonials  

July 14, 2008:  I took your course in 1988 ... As the details of my assignment soon came to light in national news. Ultimately, my findings found their way before a Senate Hearings Committee. I was credited with assisting other investigations lead by 'Prime Time Live', Federal Agencies and the local news just to name a few. This was my introduction ... but it was your training that helped me stand out in this crowd.     When I initially contacted The Private Protective Service Board for a license, the administrator replied, 'Son, you don't have any Law Enforcement or Military experience. I applaud your enthusiasm but you don't stand a snowball's chance in a hot place.' In the fall of 1990, James F. Kirk signed my trainee's license.     Without doubt, it was your foundation of encouragement that lead me down this path. With each passing year I realize even more, what an impact this humble introduction has made on my life. Your training resonates in my business more than you will ever know ...I'm still winning friends and influencing people. Thank you brother, I'll be in touch. Frankie E. 'Eddie' Harant  - NC PR #2896 - P.O. Box 872 - Dunn, NC - 28335  

July 2005: I am writing you this letter to thank you for your willingness to share your vast knowledge on private sector investigations. I took your class in 1995 after I graduated from college with a degree in Criminal Justice [our class gave you the roping plaque] I knew nothing about the field of investigations. Upon completion of your course I landed a job with a top-notch firm on my first interview. Later I would learn I had aligned myself with one of the few ethical and well-connected investigators in our city. Three years ago I purchased the business that first employed me. Every day I utilize the information I was taught at the Academy of Legal Investigators, and your manual is displayed on my bookshelf. Your Academy is truly one-of-a-kind ... Thank you. Troy Matthys - TX Lic # A-11077 - Charles Ford Investigations - Houston, TX  - 713-774-1575

2009 - Michelle Peterson - Pacific Investigations - Albany, Oregon - 541-870-8620 To all potential, licensed investigators:     I want to take the time to make you aware of the training that I have received from the Academy of Legal Investigators. Because of the professional training that I received from John Rose at the Academy, I have been able to better my life and the lives of many others. The training I received was nothing less than "Professional".     John and Mamie Rose have always gone the extra mile for me and many other graduates of the Academy of Legal Investigators. John also has taught me to go the extra mile for my fellow investigators. John truly cares about the profession as a whole.     We are a strong network of very well trained professional investigators who are not out there creating problems, but instead solving problems.The core curriculum used at the Academy has been exceptionally efficient in covering each individual situation I have endured as a professional investigator.     The training I received at the Academy far exceeded my expectations as a student and continued to keep my interest very high during my studies.     John held each individual student accountable for their education and was not willing to let someone slip by without a complete understanding and a conscientious willingness to utilize the rules and laws expected of the working "Professional Investigator".         My respect for John Rose runs very high and I feel extremely honored to have been qualified in the profession by one of the very finest in the field of investigations.     I enjoy the 'continuing education' provided by John Rose available anytime just by asking.     Mr. Rose, past graduates and the Academy's board of advisory provide assistance after graduation as an ongoing resource for you. You can feel confident that a discussion concerning your questions is not looked down upon for lack of experience but instead supported by caring individuals. John will look out for your best interests, now and all future concerns. Our current board as a group, or individually, will respond to your issues responsibly and in a timely manner. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts and insights.

In 2002, I started looking for an investigation school. I have over 30 years of martial arts, investigations, covert surveillance, executive protection, videography / photography, etc experience and am constantly improving my knowledge to increase my potential these fields and well as learning others. With that said, I found and attended an investigation school located in Portland, Oregon and learned a few things, but certainly wasn't satisfied enough to stop there. After graduating from this local school, I contacted one of my old colleagues who is now a very successful private detective in Hollywood, California. He recommended that I buy a book called the Manual for Legal Investigators. He said this manual was widely used by some of the most successful investigators in the business and many consider it the bible of investigations. He also said that his manual was almost worn out, held together with tape and rubber bands. To make a long story short, I not only bought the Manual for Legal Investigators by John Rose, but also ended up meeting Mr. Rose in person at one of his seminars and then going to his academy. After three days of auditing Mr. Rose's classes, I grabbed my checkbook and started writing. What I learned in three days regarding how to write insurance reports and how to make money as an insurance investigator far superseded what I had learned at the other school. And it didn't end there! I learned considerably more than I bargained for. Six weeks of intensive training and the homework was almost overwhelming, but the result was an excellent educational experience. If you want a private detective / private investigator certificate to hang on your refrigerator and impress your friends, then take a correspondence course. But, if you want to learn to be a professional investigator, then I would highly recommend attending the Academy of Legal Investigators.
Tom Apperson – 503-254-1122 - www.TomApperson.com - www.OnVideoInvestigations.com

Seems like 100 years ago that I graduated from ALI. After college that was the smartest move I made. Today, it didn’t take 100 years, I have a successful investigative agency, Associated Legal Investigators. My successes were of my own making but without "real" professional training and knowing John Rose my success would have taken much longer.

I, David Gurule, own a successful security company, Viking Security – 503-363-7121; however, there was a time when I was down and getting kicked in the teeth every time I tried to get up. Then John Rose came into my life, I graduated from his Academy in 1992. Those were hard years but every time I stumbled, John was there to kick my butt. I owe my success to John and so do many others.
David Gurule, Viking Security