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"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think." ...Albert Einstein

If you are reviewing this web page. You must be interested in investigations or thinking of changing your career. Of the top ten paying professionals in the world, computers claim nine; however, 'Investigations' is third on that list. Please read on...

Professionals want to learn from the very best professionals in their field. The founder of this Home Study Program was the best in the business. Please read on...

Our founder: John Rose - What qualifies him to teach?

John was the first Legal Investigator for the State of Oregon. Built the largest agency on the west coast. Started the first school to teach investigations in the State of Oregon in 1986. After teaching for 25 years without a complaint John retired his teaching license in 2013; to follow up with this Home Study Program.

John's Home Study Program is designed to replace the successful in-class training program that worked extremely well for over 25 years. If John could have some type guarantee of living "forever" he would still be offering the in-class training.Those twenty-five years produced many successful graduates who are enjoying financial security from that training. This Home Study Program will accomplish the same goals as the in-class training ... providing ... each trainee will follow the instructions and work at learning each phase of the business as presented. This program will allow each trainee the opportunity to gain sufficient knowledge to pursue a career in the corporate world as a professional investigator and fulfill a need for professionally trained investigators in the legal community and allied business professions.

Education and training alone cannot guarantee success at anything. Success comes only to those who are self-motivated with the desire to work and to sacrifice for specific goals. This explains why some people with little talent and a lot of desire succeed, while others with a higher I. Q. and more education do not. This is certainly true in the Business of Investigations. Yeah, I confess, don't know if it will help my soul, but, I was a very successful investigator; However, I was a "C" student in High School, little better in college because my wife helped!